Sunday, February 06, 2011

WI Dells: Timberland Play Park & Cubby's Cove

This evening (during part of the Super Bowl), just Isabel and I headed back to the waterpark at our complex. During the hour we were there, it was just the two of us and a lifeguard. As we were getting ready to leave, 3 other moms with kids came to the waterpark (presumably kicked out of their condos at halftime.) We had a blast. We got to do everything with no waiting and no worrying someone was playing water basketball by us & might his us in the head. It was just as cool as when you go to the movies and have the place to yourself.

This afternoon we took the kids to the one dry play park there. We had a lot of fun. Lot of crawling through tunnels and throwing balls (or trying to escape being thrown at.) I think we will head back there again before we leave.

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