Monday, February 07, 2011

WI Dells: Wild Waterdome

This was visit #1 on our third day in WI Dells. It's naptime now and afterwards we plan to hit the dry park again and then another waterpark after dinner. Isabel just loves the wave pool.



So, just how many swimsuits does Bel have? Seems in every set of pics, she is wearing a different one.

Mom of Two said...

We brought along 4 swimsuits, but she has 6.

We swim almost every day during the summer, sometimes several times a day. So, multiple swimsuits is a must.

Some of these are on their last legs. The chlorine is starting to deteriorate the elasticity. And a couple others will be too small by the summer I am sure.

I need to start scouring eBay for the next size for her.