Sunday, January 24, 2010

Florida 2010

Isabel & I went swimming at the condo pool this morning. Today may be the only hot & sunny day. So, today was pool & beach day. Not sure exactly what we will do tomorrow. We will figure that out this evening,

Grandma picked up some sand toys to use while we are here, then they will get passed onto grandma's friend who is staying in a condo too who has her grandkids visiting next week.

We went to Lover's Bay State Park and used the beach there. She picked A LOT of shells. The beach is covered in them. Seriously, it is like a carpet of shells. Anyways, before we left we told her to pick out 5 for herself and a bunch of small ones to bring to preschool to give to all her friends.

The kids were both great on the plane, so good in fact, the we were complimented by people sitting behind us on how good they were. Hopefully that will be the same case on the return flight.

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