Saturday, January 09, 2010

Minnesota Children's Museum

We took the kids to the MN Children's Museum and had fun. Isabel had a ton of fun and didn't want to leave. Good thing we bought a membership. We bought the membership that allows us to bring one guest for free each time. This time we brought Uncle Tony with us. Isabel just told me yesterday that he was a lot of fun & wanted to play with him again.

Our membership also gives up reciprocity free admission at other children's museums on the list, like the ones in Milwaukee & Sheboygan.

This was our 3rd time ever to this museum and before we never made it to more than a couple exhibits. This time we made it too all - except the creativity room, which closed before we could get to it & the garden rooftop which is closed for obvious reasons this time of year.

Isabel says her favorite exhibit was the dinosaurs, which is the 6-moth rotating exhibit, but I really think her favorite was the town exhibit. It was hard to pull her away from that one.

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