Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wednesday, January 6th

We did a couple of art projects today. The ideas came from the Frugal Family Fun Blog. That is my new favorite website!

They were perfect crafts for her. Easy enough and using items we already had. I let her decide what she wanted to use as all the accessories on the snowman. BTW - the "snow/glitter" on the snowman is salt. That's fabulous!

Also, the snowflake is made by putting down masking tape first, then painting over all of it and after the paint dries, pulling off the tape to reveal the snowflake design.

Here is a picture of Isabel & Amelia at gymnastics. Her friend Izzy is in the class too. This is a new class for her. I switched gymnastics clubs because I was not happy with the instruction being given (or lack thereof) and so now she takes classes at the same place we go to open gym at. There is other classes going on at the same time, one of them is high school girls and Isabel liked hanging out a bit afterwards to watch them. She thought they were amazing.

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