Saturday, January 16, 2010

Having Fun

Isabel rode in the sled & ate snow along our snow shoe hike. She was goofy and seemed to have a lot of fun.

Daddy got to pull her in the sled since mommy was carrying baby brother. She did try out snowshoes with daddy. She asked to get some, but we were smarter than most parents. We walked by several parents with kids there that were carrying the snowshoes that their kid(s) were no longer were wearing.

This morning I took her to the Little Dudes Open Gym at her school. Her friends Gavin & Aleyah came. She actully played quite a bit with mom since I was without a baby in my arms.

This was from yesterday. The first picture is right before we left to go to gymnastics open gym. She kept wearing her leotard & leggings all day and when she was at open gym or when she went to our workout room with me she discarded her sweater and skirt. She was pretty excited to come workout with mom and tried her best at the stepper, weights, and exercise bands.

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