Thursday, February 25, 2010

House of Bounce: Rochester, MN

Today we went with 4 other preschool families and a MOMS Club family to the House of Bounce in Rochester since the kids had no preschool due to school conferences. So, with 5 preschool families being there that was 1/3 of her class. Originally it was just one preschool family that is also in MOMS Club with us, but then I emailed the other preschool families I knew to see if they were interested and they were all interested and we had one other from MOMS Club when I asked if anyone there was interested.

She had a good time, but we really need to go back with someone along to hold Henry or be able to leave Henry at home with someone. There was one slide that she really wanted to go on a lot but it was kind of scary to her (didn't stop her from wanting to still go on it) and she had to ask the other moms to slide down with her (since their kids were ok with it). And another one she really liked that was an obstacle coursen that lead to a slide, but the way to get up to the slide was with a rope and stairs with wider spacing that she could do, which she did do a couple times with the help of another mom. So, it will be nice to go back there with her and be able to do it with her. The other moms had a blast bouncing on everything. But overall she had a great time and there was about 13 different bounce houses there.

Tonight was conferences and it was short & sweet. She is doing very well and knows everything she needs to know, is playing well with the children, listens & cleans up & helps when asked. It also helps that she has learned how to write her name & draw people already. There were no suggestions on things we needed to work on with her. So, I guess we just keep on keeping on.

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