Saturday, February 06, 2010

This Week's Highlights

A couple nights ago Isabel was playing dress up and she was a pirate & she dressed daddy as Little Bo Peep (which was pretty funny, but I love him too much to put that picture on here.) She kept saying "Ahoy on Deck!" She loves to play dress up.

Our theme this week was birds. We read bird books, watched Peep on DVD, made a bagel bird feeder, made a bird mask/costume, boiled & colored hard boiled eggs, did a bird coloring page, made a partridge craft and an owl craft (still have this left to do.)

This was from this morning. I got her this new fun paint set that she is just loving. It's pretty neat and allows you to paint rainbow colors at one time.
This was at the end of the RADZoo presentation at her "gym" class on Thursday. It was actually a 45 minute presentation and they brought a bunch of animals for the kids to see and teach them about and at the end they were allowed to get in line to touch the tortoise and the alligator. She still had a 1/2 hour in her gym class before this presentation. We didn't know this was going to happen, so it was a fun surprise for her. Henry & I still had our Baby & Me class, so we missed out on it. I just went in at the end when they were touching the animals and got pictures (& got to touch them myself.)
Making snow ice cream is so much fun. This was the first time we made it this season. I think we might try snow candy next. Sounds like we will be getting snow the next 2 days, so we should have some good clean snow to do it with.

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