Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Police Station Tour

Today was a pretty day. We went with MOMS Club to tour the police station in a neighboring town. She really wasn't so sure what to think of the police officers. The tour was a little above their heads, not sure they have really given one to this young of a group. But it was interesting for the moms to see since I am sure most of us have not been inside a police station before (or maybe I am just speaking for myself.)

Then we met a friend of hers from preschool and another friend from MOMS Club at McD's for lunch. The girls are all the same age and had ECFE together and all take gymnastics and had a great time playing with each other.

Then it was a nap (she actually asked for one) and then gymnastics. And then finally after supper I took her to Hy-Vee with me. I heard from a friend that they had free childcare there (how come I never knew this? I would so have been shopping there all the time!)

Actually, this makes deciding where to grocery shop harder. I hardly ever grocery shop at Super Wal-Mart unless I have a ton of household stuff to get (but have been buying a lot of that from these day) and used to not really shop at this store because they didn't "offer" any perks for us - but I guess they do.

Here are the benefits for us at each of the grocery stores:

Cashwise - Penny Horse, free cookie in the bakery, free item with $25+, closest to our house
HyVee - pregnant & new mom parking up front, lots of samples all the time, nice big carts (fit carseat & lots of groceries nicely & have dual seats), upfront "car" carts

Nelson's - close to things we frequent (ECFE & Library), Long Cheng is there, good prices on organic produce
Hy-Vee - free childcare, cents-off coupons for their gas station
Aldi's - cheap basic food

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