Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This Week's Theme: Dinosaurs

Ok, here is what we did this week:
* MN Children's Museum Visit (Dinosaur Exhibit, plus more!!!)
* Dinosaur Dinner (trees: broccoli & asparagus, ferms: spinach, volcano & lava: mashed potatoes & gravy, Dinosaur: chicken meatballs; on dinosaur plate w/ dino cup & dino placmat)
* Egg Carton Stegasaurus
* Paper Finger Puppets of T-Rex & Stegasaurus
* Dinosaur Songs
* Dinosaur Books
* Free play with plastic dinosaurs
* Dinosaur Memory Game
* Dinosaur coloring pages from the Imaginarium
* DVD: Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Next week the theme is Bears

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