Friday, September 23, 2005

Dad's First Post



"I said, I'm not sure, but I think I'm pregnant."

Oh, okay.



What, WTF did she just say?


That's how I woke up the other day. I was deep in my slumber, and had no idea what she said for a few minutes. It was early. Very early. I wasn't ready to decide on what cereal to eat, much less comprehend news like this. There should be some kind of warning system for these types of situations. At least give a guy a cup of coffee first...

So, 10 minutes later, she finishes her shower and confirms what she said earlier. The line, the OH SO IMPORTANT LINE, is indeed pink.

I'm still tired, but awakening. Both in the traditional sense, and the why-is-my-heart-beating-so-fast sense. I'm realizing this is real. Even though we made the decision to start trying to get pregnant, it's different when it happens.

It's kinda like getting married. Getting engaged is one thing. But when you send out those invitations, it starts getting real. We're at that point -- there's no turning back, no changing our minds. The date is set.

Throughout the day, I felt like I was having a mild heart attack. I wasn't scared (I'm proud to say that I didn't look up one-way airfare to Mexico a single time), I was excited and confused. I had (have) no idea what to think, or where to start.

But, this is life. As always, I'll figure it out. With a little help from J.

--- A

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