Thursday, September 22, 2005


Well, both sets of grandparents (our parents) now know. We told them yesterday. When I called my parents, my mom had walked away from the phone and dad had to get her back and he's says in this little kid voice "I know what you are calling about?" I ask him what it was, and he responded in a sing-songy kiddy voice "Somebody's calling to say their pregnant." It really was very cute.

When we told my MIL, she got this high-pitched happy giggle and said "It's about time."

Today I met with the health education nurse and got my hug book from them to read and talked about how to take care of myself and what to do and not to do. She confirmed that May 21st would be the due date.

She was able to help with some of the fears of miscarriage and tubal pregnancy (which all stemmed from stuff I read in "What to Expect When You're Expecting". So, I feel a little better about those things now.

Oh - and by the way, I saw a picture of my doc. He's younger. No younger than we are, but I wouldn't call him HOT. He's a decent looking guy. Looks like the nice-guy next door type. There is some other doctor there that has looks that creep me out a little, so I am glad I didn't make that choice.

--- J

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Trudy said...

Just remember, you may get that "creepy" doc for the delivery if your regular doc is unavailable. I had a different doctor for each of my children, for the delivery! Only had my regular one for the first one.