Sunday, September 18, 2005

Positive Pregnancy Test

So, it was this past Thursday that we had a positive pregnancy test. It was hard to keep a smile off my face all day. I took another one today (I had bought a 2-pack, so why not use it.) Yes, that one was positive too. I feel better that I had 2 positive pregnancy tests. What would be a the chance of having 2 false-positive pregnancy tests? Plus, my period is almost a week overdo.

So, we're doing this.......

The parents will be pretty excited when they hear, especially my father (he's super excited to become a grandpa for the first time) and my mother-in-law (she sooooo wants another gandchild.) We have not told any of them yet. I think we will wait until after we have our first doctor's appointment. But we'll see.....

From what I figure, the due date should be May 21st. Yes, I know that is one of my sister's b-day. But really, how often is a baby born on their due date?


--- J

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