Sunday, September 25, 2005

This Baby Shower Thing

I am putting this out there right away because I don't want to go through what I did for our wedding. I am not having 4 showers (1 for each family(2), 1 for work, and 1 for friends.) No way. That's crazy.

I want only 1 baby shower and it will be by me. I don't want to have a shower in WI, because I feel like I am just driving the 5.5 across WI to get a bunch of presents. I probably won't invite much extended family to the shower here (probably just my grandma, Aunt Mary and maybe my godmother {Aunt Barb}), as who really wants to drive 5.5 hours for a shower. I sure don't, which is why I never go to them in WI. I usually send a gift though. I am not sure why I get invited to them, because, like i said, I am 5.5 hours away. They must think they have to invite me so that I don't feel left out that I am the only one not invited.

Anyways, I would not be opposed to a Baby Welcoming party in WI, so that people can come meet the little one. But I don't want it to be the big showery type thing. I don't want it to get huge and I would want it to be a family thing. Do you know what I mean? Well, I am just rambling. I am not sure I would even want that. I guess I will see how I feel about being around a lot of people after I have the baby.

I hope this didn't sound harsh, if it did I suppose I can blame it on the hormones. I think I may like having mood swings, although they may get me both into & out of a lot of trouble.

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Isabel's Mommy said...

My friend Rebecca has offered to throw me a shower here in our area. She's a good planner, so I am glad she asked to do it.