Sunday, October 02, 2005

Making Stuff for Baby

I like making gifts for people and getting homemade gifts from people. Some of my favorite things were made and given to us by someone. There is something so satisfying about saying "I did that." or "So&so made that for me." My favorite wedding present has to be the afghan my grandma made for us. We use it all the time. I have a small picture frame my great-grandfather made in our living room, actually in close proximity to the afghan. Every Christmas, the manger my great-grandfather made comes out. The have this beautiful wooden CD case (huge & heavy) that my parents made for the daddy. This was one of the first homemade gifts he ever got and he sure appreciated something homemade then. The daddy also has some sleeping pants his mother stitched for him. I have an afghan and pillow set my mom crocheted for me that I used all through college, now it sits in a trunk waiting for a cold day (or a room to match). I have several wonderful pictures that my dear friend Jessi drew for me. I look around and there are so many things that people made for me and it's wonderful.

That was a long introduction to say that I hope people continue with that for our children, well, we'll just start with child. But you know what I mean.

I just bought a pattern to make Boppy slipcovers. I have the Boppy, but it's just white with no cover. And we all know that will quickly get dirty. It costs $20 for 2 slipcovers @ Target or $22 for one at Pottery Barn. I think that price is a little nuts. Anyways, I had been looking all over the internet for a free pattern for a boppy cover, but had no such luck. So, I broke down and bought one on eBay. This woman made her own pattern and instructions and is selling them. So, I can't just go to JoAnn Fabrics & buy a pattern. I have read on a few blogs that they bought this exact pattern and it was very easy to make the covers. So, for $10 for the pattern (yikes! I know!) I can use this HUGE box of fabric I have (basically free since it's already paid for and sitting there) and make several covers before baby comes. It doesn't need a zipper (I hate stitching zippers). I imagine it needs snaps or velcro to close it. I plan to make several so that anytime there is one or 2 in the wash I always have a clean one on hand.

With all that said, I have been looking for free patterns for baby stuff online. Basically i decided it was not worth buying any patterns from JoAnn's, as everything they have patterns for I can find for free online. I also found patterns for knitters and crocheters (I have not become one of those yet, so far it just is not working for me - but I know people that like it.)

Here is what I found patterns for: mittens, footies/slippers, hat, bibs, burp cloth, blanket/quilt, diaper covers, AIO diapers, diaper liners, bathrobe/hooded towel, bunting, toys, sweaters, shoes, nursing shirt, & Umbrella stroller accessories.

If anyone wants links to these, please let me know. I can send them to you. The patterns are for sewing, knitting, & crocheting. I think I will have to make the nursing shirts, as I don't like how much they cost in stores and the pattern seems sinple enough.


Lame Shrill Owl said...

Got my pattern to make a boppy cover. Just fabric, thread, and velcro. Need to go buy velcro. I have plenty of fabric and thread.

gabeandnathansmommy said...

I found a site for a free boppy pattern and instructions.

MB said...

I would love to have a list of all the links you found to make the baby/nursing things.
My email is
Thanks in advance,
Melissa B.

Mom of Two said...

Sorry Melissa, this post was created 4.5 years ago and I no longer have that list of links.