Friday, October 07, 2005


So, I've become a weakling. I was probably well on my way, but I think pregnancy has sped that up. I'm tired and always feel like I am on the edge of puking. Things feel so much heavier (actually I read that you get weaker strength-wise while you are pregnant, but the strength is supposed to come back after delivery.) And I guess my eyesight could change (get worse) while I am pregnant and go back to normal after delivery. Plus, not to mention that many foods and smells make me ill. Actually, last night a smell made me ill enough make me puke. It really was not pleasant.

I pretty much only want to eat chicken noodle soup, a plain sandwich, plain noodles or mac-n-cheese, white rice, cereal w/milk.......pretty much anything plain without a lot of flavor....I call them safe foods, actually most of the safe foods are without color too. I do like flavored yogurt and this vanilla, carmel pudding (from Jello, in those individual packages.)

You would think when you get pregnant that you would get stronger in all aspects so that you can protect yourself & your child -- but noooooooo! -- you get sick and weak and lose your vision.

On a slightly different note -- had my doc visit today and everything looks fine so far. Am 8 weeks along. We'll have another appointment in a month and then we will get to hear a heartbeat.

--- J


Trudy said...

Hope this gives you some hope! When I was pregnant with you,I couldn't stand the smell of bacon. The nausea usually goes away by the fifth month. I'm sure there are many natural things out there to help. Ginger comes to mind, but check out if pregnant women can take it. There are so many natural things that say they should not be taken by pregnant women. Anyway, thanks to the internet, you can find out a lot. Myself, I had to resort to prescrition meds for the morning sickness for all three girls. Ah, but there's the rub, or should I say hope, I only got sick with the girls, not with Al. Maybe you will take after me and you are having a girl.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I talked with the Dr about supplement that was ginger w/ B6 that is being marketed to help with morning sickness. He said he didn't know how much the ginger will actually help but said to go buy some Vitamin B6 and that should help quite a bit. So, I think I will try that. Actually the idea of ginger upsets my stomach. I had to be in the right mood for ginger before I was pregnant, so not so much (or not at all) now that I am pregnant.

My friends that had boys never had the morning sickness eiter. April, who did not have morning sickness with Kallen, has morning sickness with this baby, so she is thinking it's a girl.

My neighbor Curt, the chiropractor, says that he usually sees morning sickness with girls.

I guess we'll find out in 8+ weeks. We plan on finding out the sex. As long as the baby lets us take a peak.

Kristin said...

hate to kill the theory that boys don't give morning sickness cuz I was sick the whole time with Trevor.