Saturday, October 01, 2005

Preliminary Boy Names

We just started with boy names, so we'll get to girl names soon enough. I went through the boys names in one book and boy, there are a lot of strange names out there. I made a list of the ones I think are ok and then ran that list by the daddy and eliminated some. This is what we have left (all for first names):
* Caleb/Kaleb
* Hunter
* Isaac
* Jacob
* Conrad
* Lucas/Lukas
* Nathaniel
* Nicholas/Nikolas
* Reese/Rhys
* Shaun/Sean
* Sloan
* Tabor
* Tristan
* Viktor

So, here is a dilemma we are in. The daddy hates alternate spellings on most names, but because our baby will have such a common last name I want it either a common first name with an alternate spelling or an uncommon first name.

Anyone see anything that might cause a kid to get made fun of because of their first name. You know - like Sick Nick? or Fat Matt?

We've got 33 weeks to come up with final names. This is just a start. Stay tuned for girl names.

--- J

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