Friday, October 21, 2005

Nausea Checklist

Ok - here's what I tried:

* Vitamin B6 - noticed no difference either way
* Ginger Ale (real stuff) - gave me lots of 'urps' so that made it worse
* Ginger Tea - noticed no difference either way & don't have a strong taste for ginger
* Saltines - works nicely eating a few of these every hour, I have packages of crackers EVERYWHERE!
* Eating many small meals - same principle as the crackers thing, I have apples, bananas, or yogurt as snacks between meals
* Chiropractic Adjustments - offers temporary relief from nausea & indigestion
* Sea-Bands - just got these yesterday evening, so I will let you know how these work, they work by using accupressure.

Any other ideas?


Alison said...

My mom likes to tell me that she had morning sickness each and every day of the 9 months she was carrying me. She said it was fine once she learned how to deal with it...I'm not saying I recommend this because it sounds kind of gross, but she used to make herself throw up first thing in the morning. Once she did, she was fine the rest of the day.

Trudy said...

Sometimes you just have to go with the precription, no shame in that. I had to, to for all 3 girls.
Bendectin I believe is what they had back then. Controversial drug withdrawn from the market, but I think they may have brought it back. Worked well for me and you girls turned out fair, LOL! OK, so you all turned out excellent, but I'm not biased, honest. LOL! Anyway, here's a link about it. Sorry, don't know how to post a link and no time to find out at the moment.