Sunday, January 22, 2006

24 Weeks

Wow – we’re getting there. The baby is supposed to be just less than a pound & a half now and almost a foot long. When we were at the science museum we were looking at this exhibit of what the baby looks like at 5 months in the womb and 7 months in the womb. She gets really big in those 2 months, of course they didn’t show 6 months, which is where we are at right now.

Today I can REALLY feel my skin stretching. Those stretch marks are coming soon ‘cuz my belly has got no more room to stretch.

Now that we are at 24 weeks the baby’s organs are fully developed and she has a chance of surviving outside the womb, but let’s just keep her in there for another 12-16 weeks. Please – not more than 16 weeks.

I am sure starting to feel pregnant. I let out this little sigh when I sit down and when I get up, as if it takes my very last breath away to do those things……I know, I know, I am only about 2/3 done. The energy level has been fading, which is too bad.

Well, we ruled out Kendra as a name and are still considering Isabel, Ella, & Zoe. Seems like the top runners (from others’ votes) are Isabel & Zoe. I don’t think we’ll decide her name until we meet her and decide for ourselves what we want to call her.
I have to say I have been having a bit of fun buying baby clothes, not sure that I will need too many from others. Some things are just so darling (the daddy says I never used that word before we got pregnant), like this little hat I picked up from The Children’s Place.

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