Friday, January 06, 2006


I have been very thankful that all I have had to deal with is my awful morning sickness. I have had students (from the CC, not from HS) that are due ahead of me and have had emergency room visits because of spotting and pre-term labor. I also know someone who is currently pregnant and they couldn't find both arteries on her ultrasound and now she has to go to the Mayo Clinic. I am nervous for her and can't imagine the worry going through her mind.

I have been pretty thankful that my little girl has been pretty active and have felt her moving every day since that first day I knew she was moving for sure. And if I want to feel her move I just need to eat some sugary item and apparently she gets a little jolt and starts moving around a lot (mental note to self -- sugar makes the kid active) or I just need to gently massage my tummy and she starts pushing back after a while. Those 2 things I have figured out.

I have just been very thankful that I haven't had the deeper concerns that so many around me have.

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