Sunday, January 29, 2006

Most Popular Names of 2005

Here's the list:

Of our final list, Isabel is # 27 (but it's really the spelling with an exta "le" on the end that is that rating). Zoe makes #32 (our spelling version). Ella makes #15.

I had a dream last night that we decided to call her Madeline (#35). Although the rest of my dream regarding it was weird, The daddy was not himself, he was that guy from "Married with Children" that was married to Marcy (neighbors & friends of Al & Peg) and who everyone thought was gay. You know what guy I am talking about...don't you.....and he was also a doctor. I don't know, I have been having LOTS of weird dreams the last few weeks,

Although, as I was talking with a friend, who is also pregnant but due almost 2 months after me, she was considering Isabella because she likes the nickname Ella (her husband doesn't though). So, if we really liked Ella and were calling her Isabel, I think we could still call her that. Or we could call her El/Elle or Bel/Belle or the daddy like the nickname Izzy (I think we have to see if her personality fits that.) If we name her Zoe, that is pretty much it, unless she gets a nickname that has nothing to do with her name. Who knows, maybe we won't do the nickname thing either.

I never liked my name shortened, well maybe before age 5 I did, but once I realized the shortened version of it was a gender neutral name and I had to play that character when we would play "Dukes of Hazzard", well, I wanted nothing to do with that play or that name.

None of our boy names made the list, which we are more than fine with. With a popular last name, we don't want a hugely popular first name.

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