Sunday, April 12, 2009

Busy Easter Weekend

We went to WI by mommy's family. The whole family was there, which was nice. Isabel got a chance to see her younger cousins. She was very good with Jayden, which was comforting to see. While we were there we kept quit busy. The top picture is of coloring Easter eggs. Isabel & mommy did most of them, but daddy helped some as well as Auntie Phanie (I love hearing Isabel call her Phanie!!) and Jayden (more of a photo op thing.)

This morning she & Blake had an Easter Egg Hunt in the front yard at grandma & grandpa's. Well, Isabel & Auntie Razz had an egg hunt, Blakers just ran around. Isabel was so excited for the egg hunt that she was ready about 15 minutes before Blake was ready to go out. Uncle Al had to entertain her on the deck for a while and as soon as she heard it was time to go, she was off like a shot. I hd to run to get out there to take some pictures.

Here is Isabel with the Easter Baskets she got. Grandma & Granpa filled an RK Easter Basket (see below) for each of the grandkids. And when Isabel got home she found that the Easter Bunny had filled her basket that she had left out. She seemed most exicted about the "sugar bunnies" in her basket & the toothbrush. Funny girl. Anyways, she also got an Easter Basket from her other grandparents last weekend when we had brunch with them. She loves the Color Wonder set but still doesn't get that it takes about 5 seconds for the color to show up, not instantly like regular markers. She then gets frustrated and gives me the marker and tell me to use that color while she tries another and the same things happens again & again. We might just have to stick to regular markers (rather than the CW kind) for a while.

Here Isabel was helping grandma make Rice Krispie Easter baskets. Isabel loves to help in the kitchen or with crafts, I suppose that is because I do so much of both of them with her.

Here Isabel is helping grandma make this bunny craft. I forget what they are called (boo boo bunnies, perhaps). Anyways it's a washcloth made to look like a bunny with space to put an ice cube in the body of it to use when a kid needs to apply ice.

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