Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Busy Sunday Morning

Well, after some breakfast we got to work on making a cake & cupcakes for daddy's birthday. It's technically tomorrow, but we're celebrating it for 2 days.

Then we made some Kool-Aid lemonade. She asked me 3 days ago is we could make some lemonade. I finally got around to looking in the pantry to see if we had any or if we needed to add it to our grocery shopping list. We had one packet left.

Then we planted some seeds. I tried to have her follow some sort of pattern in planting (cherry tomatoes, peppers, sugar baby watermelon, cucumber, spaghetti squash & marigolds) but they are pretty random. I am going to really be testing my plant knowledge as I determine what is what later one. The tomatoes, peppers & marigolds will be easy, it's the viney plants that tend to look the same.

And we ended our morning by going to River Bend Nature Center for their annual Maple Syrup Pancake Brunch. We went for lunchtime and filled up on pancakes & sausage. The maple syrup is stuff that they harvest & make there. It was yummy.
Next week we have our typical busy things. The one special thing we have planned is our Earth Day playgroup. We invited 3 friends to come over and we will be reusing plastic containers to start seedlings in and transplant flowers to. Plus I made up little bags of other seeds & print off instructions for their mommies to take home and help them start a garden this year.
It seems like more people are interested in learning about gardening this year them ever before (in my lifetime). I think the rise in fuel & food costs last year kinda got some people spooked and made them think about things, as well as all the layoffs this year. You know, some food prices never did come back down when fuel costs came down.
Anyways, not sure what else we will plant. Isabel asked if we could plant carrots like Curious George did. I have never really done carrots and I am not sure she has the patience for them. I think beans & peas & lettuce will be good crops for her to help out with. They grow relatively quickly and are above the surface and she can harvest sooner and see the actual vegetable.
She doesn't like raw tomatoes, although she keeps on trying them when she sees them. I am sure this summer will be no different. She'll want to try them jus because she wants to help pick them and then realizes she doesn't care for them.

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