Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Bunny & Pillocase Dress

Well, we weren't expecting to meet the Easter Bunny on Saturday, but there it was at the grocery store when we went. When we were there in the morning I just had Isabel with me. But since Henry was resistant to napping I decided he would get to go meet the Easter bunny to and we came back, of course Isabel wanted to come along again.

This is one of her Easter surprises, although she was begging so much to know what I was working on, so I finished it that night and gave it to her Saturday morning. She doesn't know about the Rose Petal Tutu I made her too. Anyways, the pillowcase dress seemed to flouncy around the middle, not really flattering at all. So, I made a tie belt out of the same fabric which makes it look so much cuter. It is cinched around the waist and gives it pleasing pleasts on the top. I used the pattern for this dress from here, but had to adpat it to her measurements since she is wearing a size 5 right now.
Ok - getting caught up on the blog. A few more posts to go.....

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