Sunday, March 28, 2010

Isabel's First Dance Recital

She is a wonderful job. It amazing how much she learned so much in 8 lessons. I took videos of her 3 dances, but I don't know if they will be put on YouTube or not because of the length. I just don't want to wait so long to upload each one. But I do plan to burn them to a DVD so we can show family. Her grandma M. and great aunt Dawn joined mommy, daddy, & brother in watching her. She was very thrilled to get flowers at the end. It is such a bummer that there is no spring dance & that summer dance is filled. But I did sign her up for Tae Kwon Do & Cheerleading this spring. Cheerleading is only 4 classes in May. I think TKD is 8 classes in April & May. I have not decided if she will do gymnastics for spring session or not, we'll see how she does at testing in a week.

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