Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun Times......

Today we went to the Owatonna Arts Center. The gallery this month was exhibiting projects from area district students, so I thought it might be more interesting to her. She did find a few clay projects interesting and wanted to try making a "word bowl" (as she called it) and the dragons & dinosaurs. There was also some interesting sculptures using a wire hanger & a nylon sock that she wanted to try.

Yesterday we went into our Art/Craft room and were going to make rainbows with play-doh (although play-doh rainbows never happened, but we made play-doh everything else), and she wanted to do some stamping and noticed that we had ROYGBIV stamps and so she made rows of each color in order. This too was her idea. She has been so great about coming up with her own ideas for projects. Although, I do have to admit that sometime she wants to do her own ideas too often and doesn't want to follow directions when she should. Although, normally she is good with following directions.

I made her a bunny pancake the other morning, similar to the piggy pancake. I put whip cream on it to make it look like a fluffy bunny, some cranberry eyes & nose and organic fruit strip whiskers.

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