Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rainbows, Candy & Leprechauns

This top picture is one of the ones that Kirsi took, please check out her blog to see the collage that she made of Isabel & Taryn. They are moving back to their home state this weekend and we will miss them, but are very thankful we have gotten the opportunity to get to know them.

We had a blast at the Sweet Spot. We started out looking for ROYGBIV candies & bought those and she lined them up a couple times in order. She thought that was really neat. They we had some homemade vanilla & strawberry ice cream with sprinkles. Next it was a sampling of sherbert fudge, and finally we ended on buying a bag of cinnamon kettle corn for daddy.

Isabel was just loving all the choices and tended to be more drawn to the brightly colored wrapped manufactured candies than all the homemade candies & fudge (which is what I wanted). Although, she was drawn to the brightly colored sherbert fudge.

If I haven't mentioned, this week's preschool-at-home theme is Rainbow Colors. We are learning RoyGBiv. She does such a good job telling me what color starts with each letter. On Monday, we made the colored water xylophone. We skipped out on both violet & indigo & just did purple because that was how many jars I had to use. She thought this was really neat, making an instrument, learning to mix colors, and then using different kinds of spoons (metal, wood & plastic) to hear different sounds.

Tuesday night we made St. Patty's Day crafts that we were bringing to the playgroup the next day for other kids to do. I wanted to have examples for the kids & moms to see what to do and it was much easier on us to have Isabel do them ahead of time, then she could just play at the playgroup we were co-hosting. We made Fruit Loop rainbows (again, just purple because that's what is in the box) and pots of gold with corn pops.

Yesterday we co-hosted a St. Patty's playgroup with our friends Caitlin, Amelia & Gavin. Caitlin provided the house and LOTS of yummy food. I provided the 2 crafts above & a shamrock plantig activity. Isabel had a ton of fun and it was hard to leave at the end, even though we were the last ones to leave. We ended up having 33 people at this playgroup, which I believe is the largest playgroup our MOMS Club has ever had. Crazy.

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