Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, March 10th

We went to the RADZoo for a second time. This time it was with our MOMS Club. We went in the morning and then came back again right before dinner for their show and so that Isabel could pet and alligator and a snake. She absolutely loved that.

While at gymnastics class today I thought I would take a few pictures of her. We actually might not take gymnastics after this session. It is quite expensive and I thought I might like her to try Tae Kwon Do while it is offered for community ed. It is more affordable to do the TKD class through community ed, and they only offer that class on Wednesday afternoons (when she currently takes gymnastics). This will be the last session of CE TKD before summer and in the fall she won't be able to try that one since she will have afternoon preschool. So, then we can decide in the fall if she wants to do gymnastics or TKD through the TKD institute. So many decision for extra curricular activities for a little girl.
This week the theme is Music and she got a couple new instruments to add to her collection. We will also be going to the MN Orchestra this weekend.

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