Friday, November 04, 2005

Baby Update

So, we had our 2nd prenatal visit. We got to hear the heartbeat which was pretty cool. The heartbeat was 150 beats per minute. And if you follow those old wives tales, then we are supposed to be having a girl.

Actually according to this Chinese prediction chart, we are having a girl too.

Am I getting my MIL's hopes up yet? We won't have a chance to find out for 2 more months (beginning of January).

Apparently there is some trick you can do with Drano to find out what you are having, as it changes color and you determine what sex it is by what color it turns. Hmmmmm....Interesting.....not sure I want to buy Drano to do a party trick.

Got meds for my nausea....called Promethazine 25mg.....but I take a half a pill.....took one about an hour ago......not noticing too much, but my stomach was starting to get really upset before.....

Am down 2.5 pounds......guess that's not too bad since I have been puking at least once a day.....puking is NOT fun.

Also found out that I don't carry the marker for cystic fibrosis.....and was again confirmed that my blood type is O positive (so is Andy's, so our children will all be O positive)

Next month will be pretty much the same as this one. I'll do lab work (urine again, and then a blood test to look for down syndrome) and then a quick appointment to listen to the heartbeat.

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Lame Shrill Owl said...

Hmmmm....turns out it is a girl.

The drano test predicted a girl as well.