Saturday, November 26, 2005

And It Just Keep Going

Puked a couple days recently. Damn! Won't it just quit.

Wednesday I go to the doctor again. Just get to hear the heartbeat again. It will be the same visit as the last time. The visit after this one we'll get to see the baby.

I bought one of those baby heart monitors. I tried it last week and couldn't hear anything. Apparently, they don't work so well until 18-20 weeks, some people report it working at 16 weeks. So, tomorrow I start week 16, so we'll see.

I'm not fitting in to many of my regular clothes. Jeans are completly out now. I don't feel like I look to pregnant. I kinda look like a chick with a beer belly.

I am supposed to be able to start feeling some activity from the baby, although the touch is light and may feel like "butterflies in my stomach" or a slight pinch or even the feeling of gas. I think I have felt something, although I could be imagining it.

Got a yoga prenatal DVD to try out. There are certain positions you are not supposed to do when you are pregnant, so I thought it just best to buy a new DVD for pregnant ladies just so I am making sure I am not doing the wrong stuff.

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