Friday, November 11, 2005


What is this glow that people say pregnant women have? Do I have it? I look in the mirror and don't see it. But whenever someone finds out that I am pregnant they say, "Oh, I knew it. You just have that glow." I really don't get it. I was reading that "the glow" comes from increased oil production that comes with pregnancy. That's not a glow! It means I need to wash my face more so that I am not breaking out or developing copious amounts of blackheads.

Do I have that glow when I just puked (although it's now been a week since I puked -- Thank God!)? How about when I am so exhausted that I just want to pass out?

People talk like this glow things is supposed to be a good thing......well, so far......pregnancy hasn't been that much fun.......Next week I start my 2nd trimester and supposedly things are suppose to get better. They did get better this week, although I still feel like I am not at all myself.....although I am not really myself, I am me and a growing, maybe things will feel better soon......

And then people say the 3rd trimester kinda sucks I better enjoy anything good happening during the 2nd trimester.....

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