Monday, November 21, 2005

Feeling Better?

I am starting to feel better. After I got those meds I went a whole week before puking 2 days in a row, then went 3 days before I puked again. Now it has been another 3 days I have lasted (working on the 4th day), although my stomach is not feeling so well (and seems to be getting worse as the morning wanes on) and I've got that nasty sour taste going on in my mouth (which usually means there is a lot of acid in my stomach, which is something I noticed before I get really sick). I may have to go dig around for some Rolaids, try to make everything subside for a while.

My stomach is really starting to pop out and there are fewer and fewer pants I can wear. Maternity pants have too big a stomach, so I don't quite fit in those yet. I can tell already I will have a few choice outfits through the different stages of pregnancy. I am already planning that I will need a new wardrobe this summer, as I will be sick of my clothes. I'm really starting to look like a pregnant lady now. By the time my family sees me for Christmas (another month away) I will really be showing. I am sure I'll be wearing those maternity pants just fine then.

I've been noticing the sore back has been starting. I try to sleep on my side, but I always find myself back on my back at times.

And the constipation just started this weekend......the fatigue comes and goes. When it comes, it hits hard.

I have mentioned to a few people that I don't feel like a woman (or even human at all) lately. You would think bringing a life into this world would make me feel human, but it doesn't. I feel like I am just a vehicle for a creature that is slowly killing me over 9 months.

I watched this episode on Animal Planet about the most extreme moms. I am not sure if these upcoming episodes are the same epsiode or different versions. I think it might be. Anyways, I feel like I am that number 1 mom. I can't remember what kind of insect it was, but basically the babies(many of them!) grow inside the mom and feed on her and when they are ready to strike out on their own she has been eaten and is dead and all that is left of her is this exoskelton. Hmmmmmmm......

But I do feel better than I did the first 12 weeks, but certainly don't feel like my normal self.

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Kinky Phanie Gates said...

I would have a hysterectomy if I was that insect. Man, what a life. I guess you should be thankful now!