Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dream Interpretation?

I don't know how a person needs to look into this dream. My dream was of me in the hospital getting ready to give birth. And then it cuts right to the point of after delivery, which was a C-section in the dream (maybe because Alicia & I had talked about C-sections yesterday) and then I asked the daddy if it was really a girl (because we had found out before -- not yet we haven't -that it was a girl, but sometimes they make mistakes) and he said yes and showed her to me (I remember I was pretty out of it).

I asked the daddy what we were going to call her and he said, "How about Kendra?" (Now, I have a dear friend named Kendra who I love very much, but I've shyed away from names that were names of our friends or friends' kids; only family names had we considered. So, I am not sure why her name popped into my head. She lives far from me and I have not talked to her in a while, so maybe I need to talk to her. Although I do think Kendra is a pretty name.)

And then I asked the daddy, "So, you don't want Emma?" (Which is one of the names on our list and a comment by the daddy has really put that name towards the top of my list, but we have decided to reserve the right to pick out a completly different name once we see the baby and it looks like something else would fit better.)

So, we decide to call her Kendra and they take her away while we talk about a middle name (which we have not discussed much at all.) And the daddy & I go back to the "family" maternity room. I say family because it was designed for the whole family and did not look like a hospital room. They had a big bright green tub in there (to help ease the mom in labor) and then there was my choice of "family beds", which were basically a king size bed with a smaller attached bed with higher sides (a crib), so that the parents and child could all stay together.

I had 3 choices of beds I remember, but the 3rd bed did not catch my eye so I did not even look at it. The first bed I saw was this spaceship rocket car bed. It was ridiculous, but the daddy's face lit up when he saw it and the 2nd one was all red, like Ronald Mc Donald's hair (never did decide on a bed). I remember there was also a big TV in the room. And I remember walking over to the full-length mirror (just like the one we have in our hallway) and picking up my top and looking at my big red cut all stiched up on my flabby belly. I remember thinking the doctor made the cut higher than he sid he would and then made a joke to the daddy saying, "Well, there goes my stripping career" and we both laughed.

That part about the "family maternity room" was the strangest part of the dream. We have not seen the maternity rooms, nor have any reason to believe they would be anything but sterile white. So, why the circus of colors?

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Kinky Phanie Gates said...

That was a pretty detailed dream. I can barely remembered that I dreamt at all.