Friday, February 03, 2006

An Athlete

They say the baby is most active between 24-28 weeks. And she is sure active. Her favorite time to kick the shit of me is when I am falling asleep. She wakes me up with her kicking too.

Actually - I kinda like the kicking. It tells me that I have a healthy, strong baby growing inside of me. Just as long as she doesn't kick me once she gets out.

My parents said I kicked a lot - like A LOT. So, maybe she's taking after mommy already. This will be one girl that won't be able to sit still if that is the case.

We'll have to get her involved in sports early on so that she can get out some of her energy.


Kendra said...

Poor Jessica. It can't be fun to be continually kicked. But at least it means she is taking after her mommy. That is not bad at all! Also, you look very good in your pictures! It doesn't look like you are gaining much wait at all in your pics apart from the baby. When I am pregnant, I will probably look like the side of a barn ;-)

Kendra said...

OK - silly me. WEIGHT. Not WAIT. I have been rushing my typing lately and screwing up my homonyms all over the place.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

This last month I gained A LOT of weight, but before that I had not. So, now I have to pay attention to what I am eating and not eat all sorts of donuts and ice cream, like I did last month.

If I gain weight like I did last month I am certainly going to get yelled at by the doctor.

I didn't gain much weight in the beginning, so I guess I was playing catch up.

I can still gain my pound a week for the rest of my pregnancy and still be within a recommended healthy weight gain range.

Lame Shrill Owl said...

I should have Andy take another picture on Sunday as I start week 26. I am much bigger in the last 3 weeks.