Wednesday, February 25, 2009

From Monday....

This is a picture I took Monday with my camera phone. Monday was a nice Mommy/Isabel day. We went to the gym and afterwards we went to the library and played for an hour (& got new books). What you see pictured is on ONE of the bins (of two) of blocks that we made into a playhouse/castle (usually what she calls them). They have lots of toys there. It's so much fun to go there and just play sometimes.

We played with the dinosaurs for a while too and she would make them go "Rawr!" because that is the sound a dinosaur makes, but when I would make them fight she would pull them away and say, "No, they kiss!" and would make them kiss. Then she lined up all her mommy, daddy, & baby dinosaurs to watch a concert. She has really started to get quite an imagination.

Today, I watched her "call" grandma & grandpa and have a whole conversation. Mostly it was about mommy's birthday (she's obsessed with birthdays these days since we just made a card for grandpa's birthday, then left grandpa a voicemail saying Happy Birthday and then yesterday we went to a birthday party for her friend Aleyah.) So, she's got birthdays on the brain.

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