Friday, February 13, 2009


Here's our spread from our valentine playgroup.

Tonight we did a couple of projects. The first was to plant some peas and beans. She is holding a couple pea seeds in her hand. I made a slideshow of these projects, but also decided to post a few of my favorites here. We did these plantings (even though it's February) because of our monthly theme. Beans & peas both germinate rather quickly, so she will get to see something sprouting through the dirt in a week to 10 days. She is going to love that.

Here she is posing in front of her newly planted seeds and also her Amaryllis plant. It is doing very well and she is very proud of it. She waters it and loves to show people her plant when they come over. She is going to be very excited when it blooms.

We also made these birdfeeders from a recipe in the Family Fun magazine. And unfortunately they are not staying together after baked them. I kinda hopes she forgets about it and doesn't ask about it, but I think she will get that they broke and that's ok.

Tomorrow, I think, we are going to go to the zoo. They are having a Tropical Beach Party this weekend and as part of that they will have a huge sandbox. How much fun is it to play in a huge sandbox in February!

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