Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playing Outsid

I decided we better get outside & play today and enjoy the somewhat spring-like weather and nicce sunshine before we are house-bound tomorrow. They are predicting 8+ inches for us. Yuck! I am guessing our playdate for tomorrow will have o get rescheduled.

Anyways, we went out with chalk & she "drew on mommy"; she thought it was hilarious to draw on my shadow and them she started jumping on my shadow and thought that was funny too. We played in the rocks and I wrote numbers on all the (top) layer of landscaping rocks in the driveway. It was a good way to help her with counting. She does good with 1-13, but then after 13 she always skips to 16. So, we gotta keep praciticing so she stops discriminating against 14 & 15. BTW - we have 52 landscaping stones around the top layer.

She asked me to make a hopscotch and she tries do that as best as she can. And four-square too, but we just hop around that, we haven't graduated to using a ball with that yet. And then there was jumping in the puddles, which she had a lot of fun with. I got a good mid-air jump picture. Of course, a change of pants was required after playing outside. I managed to get all my birdfeeders refilled as well. I actually got to them before they were all empty -- lucky birds!

After tomorrow all our chalk creations wil be covered with snow & ice.

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