Thursday, February 26, 2009

Project Day

We have had a busy morning. We were supposed to have a playdate, but we rescheduled that because of the weather we are expecting. So, I planned some projects with stuff I had here to keep us busy this morning.

The first project was painting wth puffy paint on a t-shirt. I picked up this t-shirt earlier this week on clearance at Target. I actually picked up a few because I was planning on customizing a couple, one to give Isabel for her birthday and one for a friend's birthday. Anyways, this was an extra one that I was just going to have her wear plain, but decided to let her have fun with it. I traced around her hands with the puffy paint and she squirted on the other spots & then used her fingers to spread it around. She waned to wear it right away, but I told her it had to dry and she could wear it tomorrow.

The next project was based on the book Seeds, Seeds, Seeds that we have been reading. One of the projects in there was decorating a cardboard picture frame with bean seeds. So, we did just that. The glue was drying faster than she could stick them on so she didn't get all of them on. In the book they put in a picture of the bear with the grass seeds he grew. I think I will take another picture of Isabel soon with her plants. She has one pea plant growing and we are still waiting on the beans and any other peas. She had planted 3 seeds in each.

Last night I made her some flashcards of stages of seed growth, as featured in the same book. They are suppsed to put them in order. We were playing with them this mornig and were just working on naming the parts.

Our final project before lunch was stamping some cards. We each did our own. She was so excited o do some stamping. I don't stamp often and I don't get creative with the cards. I pretty much just stamp an image. I just don't have time with a toddler to cut out lots of other piecese of paper/ribbon/embelishments to make really creative ones.
She had to set them out to dry as well. Not that they needed drying, she just thought they did.
The snow is really coming down right now. It will be interesting to see how much we really get.

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