Monday, February 09, 2009

Waterdome at the Wilderness

This is pictures from the third indoor waterpark they have here. They have 3 indoor & 3 outdoor (obviously not in use this time of year) waterparks. This turned out to be our favorite of the thre waterparks, too bag Lori & Rachael missed it. Actually, it was our favorite because it was just what Isabel wanted to do. When the water was calm it was a big huge swimming pool (since the majority of this waterpark is the wave pool) and then when the waves were on she loved to go out and crash into the waves. We should have known this would be her favorite. She's our little girl who loves to crash into us with her ride-on car or when she is swinging. She thinks crashing is hilarious, and crashing into waves is equally hilarious. She couldn't stop laughingwhen we would get plummeled with waves. Plus they has a small young kids play area (for under 48") and she enjoyed that a lot too.

We will only have time to hit one waterpark tomorrow before we head back home and this is the one we plan to go to.

We will be missing gymnastics this week, but will be back in time to go to ECFE class.

Check out Facebook to see a few other pictures I didn't put on here. One of our friend Lori & Rachael and some pictures from eating at Moose Jaw Pizza & Brewing Company.

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