Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mommy & Me Saturday

Well, today was mommy & me day (wait, isn't that every day?) Anyways, we started out the day by doing some grocery shopping, then we headed to godmother Jessi's mom's house. The three of us (Jessi, Mary & I) were making these paper roses for Jessi's wedding in June. My job was to cut out all the pieces while they assembled and painted. I haven't gotten to see the completly finished product because the paint needs to dry and we left around 2:30 so that I could get Isabel home to take some sort of nap, which I successfully managed. Actually, we both got a nice nap.

Anyways, for dinner went just down the road to Subway and shared a sandwich and then went to Cabela's for an hour. She says it is a zoo there, so I tell her to call it Cabela's Zoo. It bothers me to have her think it's a real zoo whn other than the fish, everything else is dead. But we had fun and since things are are opposite parts of the store she gets to get rid of some energy, and to play in the tents we have to go upstairs & back down again.

I took this plain black t-shirt from Target and created it into something fun & special with some DMC floss, a needle & buttons. I thought it turned out nicely. Isabel wore it today and she got compliements on it, then I owned up to it being my handiwork. I did it yesterday while she was napping; it took about an hour and 15 minutes.
Tomorrow it will be church and working on removing more wallpaper from the kitchen. Daddy will be here to help this time, so hopefully it will go quicker.
Next week, Isabel & I and a couple of friends are going to go see Disney on Ice at the Target Center. I won a 4-pack of tickets. Daddy wen to pick them up today, so I haven't been able to check yet how good of seats they are.


Andy said...

She is SOOO TINY! compared to that elephant thing.

Isabel's Mommy said...

You might even be tiny compared to that elephant.