Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Forget We Have A.....

Pool table up on the third floor. Daddy is annoyed that we had the roof leak (or something) and caused some issue with the ceiling/wall they worked so hard to put in. It's not a big area and we could easily clean it up, we just haven't. Anyways, Larry decided to go up there and Isabel wanted to follow him and it reminded her that we have a pool table, so she wanted to play. (This was yesterday, for some reason blogger wouldn't upload my pictures, so I had to wait.) Anyways, I brought up the vacuum and did some dusting while she played pool. She was trying every way she could think of to play with the pool balls, or as she likes to call them, "marbles".
The other night/day she was wearing her "grandma slippers", as she calls them. They are the slippers that my mom crocheted for her & gave them to her for her first xmas. They just really fit her as of this Christmas.
Preschool sign up is upon us. The preschool within our public school doesn't sign up until the end of March and there is only one section for her age. The preschool teacher says I shouldn't worry, that as long as I am there on sign up day I will get in. But I do worry because all the private preschools in the neighboring town have either already begin sign up, will have it next Monday or in a couple of weeks. I really want her to go to the one in town, but I feel like I have all my eggs in one basket by waiting and I don't really want to lose the money for registration fee somewhere else.
We do our ECFE classes here with the preschool teachers in the preschool room and we really love it. Both preschool teachers and one of the aides are all licensed teachers, which is not a requirement for teaching preschool. I did some reading about requirements for teaching preschool, and in a setting that would receive federal funding they are required to have a HS diploma and a certification in Early Childhood (just means taking some classes - but not necessarily a AA degree), but that does not mean a BA/BS or a teaching certificate. And in a private preschool that has no federal funding, they only need to possess a high school diploma and no certification is needed. So, having 2 licensed teachers and an aide that is also a licensed teacher (there is also a 2nd aide too) is awesome! I want that for my child.

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