Sunday, February 01, 2009

Winterfest at River Bend Nature Center

Today we spent some time at River Bend Nature Center for Winterfest. The first thing we did was go on a horse drawn sleigh ride. Isabel kept calling it a hayride; I suppose sleigh ride & hay ride sound the same. I had never been on an actual sleigh pulled by horses. It seems like there is usually never enough snow, so it does end up being a hay ride.

In the Big Woods Ampitheater they were roastin marshmallows. That was such a fun treat. It made us want to go camping, but certainly not in the winter. We aren't crazy. I think this was Isabel's first roasted marshmallow. She was messy and our jackets and her mittens now need to be washed.

We did some sledding. This wasn't actually the sleddng hill, we just decided to sled down it. It went fast and we kept our legs out to help slow us down and steer us. But it was qute fun. Isabel didn't care for riding with daddy though, because his big feet kicked up a bunch of snow and it ll went into her face. That ended sledding.

They had a big snow hill there that they dug a snow cave into. That was fun for the kids to go into.

They also had food & activities inside. They had a whole bunch of stampers that were of animals tracks. So, that was a neat way to learn that. We also made paper chain and watched the birds.
We definitly had a fun time.

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