Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Day

We let the kids open their big presents from us this morning. I figured - why not? Plus they both had "some assembly required" and this way the assembly was out of the way and they could really enjoy these presents all on their own.

Isabel got a motor workshop and she LOVES it. It requires a ton of batteries for all the electric tools, but the drill really works & has a screwdriver attachment and she can use that to replace & remove the screws, plus to make the motor run. It is really a very fun toy and daddy is impressed with how well she does with the tools.

Henry got a 5-in-1 activity center that goes in different positions depending upon what level they are playing at and it turns in to an activity art desk on the flip side. Very cool.

The rest of the presents to each other will be opened this evening.
Isabel & I spent some quality time outside playing in the 8 inches of snow we got last night (on top on the many inches we already have and the MANY more we are supposed to get the next few days.) We made a compacted trail for sledding in the hill, made a snowman, started making a snowfort, & had a snowball fight. It was fun. The dog kept trying to runoff with our stick arms.

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