Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Isabel was up at her normal bedtime, but mommy & daddy really wanted to sleep longer. But we felt bad about making her wait longer, so we got up and let her open presents.

When she came down she first looked for the stockings and was SOOOOOO Disappointed and said "Where did our stockings go?" in a very sad & worried voice. I told her, well, looks like they were too heavy with so many toys that they would fall down, so he put them by the tree. Then I proceeded to get the gleefulness and giggles I expected.

In her stocking there was many, many items including bubble bath, candy, coloring book, hairpieces, princess puppet, stuffed animal, toothbrushes, a new flashlight, play-doh, a travel toiletry bag. He also got her a new game for her computer and a set of walkie-talkies.

She opened the presents to the entire family to share and those were a Snow White DVD and the Chutes & Ladders game.

Also, dolly was not forgotten by Santa (she told me last night that dolly had been naughty during the day so he might not bring her anything, but she started listening at night, so maybe he would bring her something -- really, she was talking about herself because she didn't listen very well at church earlier, but then started listening afterwards.) Dolly got a new dress & costume accessories.

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