Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Fun

Yesterday we made the tortilla snowflakes. It was an excellent activity that kept us in the holiday spirit with using minimal ingredients that was simple to create and healthy to eat. It was a good activity for her to practice her fine motor skills of cutting with a scissors.

Today we made these reindeer ornaments. We each made our own for the tree and she made an extra one to give to Godfather Tony as part of his Christmas present. I gathered all the pieces and did the cutting and applied the hot glue, she had to assemble the reindeer. So, it was a collaborative event.
Tomorrow we have a holiday party for our ECFE to go to where she will meet Santa #3. Last year they had several crafts, so hopefully daddy will be able to come with us to this event so that in case Henry is awake & needs to be held there is still someone to help her.

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