Sunday, December 06, 2009

Happy St. Nick's Day! (cute story at the end)

This was the perfect opportunity to get her to practice writing, which she has been resistant to do up until this point. The five words she wrote on here (if you can't tell) (in order) are Santa, Paddle, Bear, Ball, & Isabel. Notice the girl sticker by her name & boy sticker by Santa. That was her idea.

She asked for things that are broken, her paddle & ball set (she'll get at xmas) and a bear (w/ 2 eyes as hers lost one). She got a bear for St. Nick's day, compliments of Fleet Farm on Black Friday.

Isabel has no idea what kinds of new toys out there since we never watch commercials & I recycle ads & magazines pretty quickly & avoid the toy aisles at stores. She only knows about toys by seeing then at friends' homes and seems content to just play with them there and is content with her own toys.

She was pretty excited to come see that St. Nick/Santa had come and left some presents for & Henry. She put out a gingerbread cookie & glass of water out for him with her letter (see above).

Last night she asked me how Santa gets back up the chimney since he slides down but there is nothing to crawl up. So, I told her that he uses magic sprinkles that push him up there. She told me, "Maybe they gold or brown sprinkles" so I had to check my glitter to make sure I had gold, which I did and put some at the bottom of the fireplace and what does she tell me this morning, "They're silver!" Well, no, they are gold, but with the light shining on them they kinda looks silver.

I told daddy the magic sprinkles conversation in front of her so he knew what the story was and then he references Twas the Night Before Christmas and mentioned that Santa nods his head and puts his finger alongside of of his nose to get up the chimney.

Anyways, I told her that the magic sprinkles might disappear soon (so I can vacuum them up.) And then Isabel says "Maybe they will go back up Santa's nose." I thought that was hilarious! She combined our two stories to come up with her own. I can't help but picturing Santa doing a Farmer's Blow with sprinkles coming out. Freaking hilarious!

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