Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Presents & Play

Today, al four of us went to see 'Twas the Night Before Christmas at Stages Theatre. It was a nice play, it was from the point of view of how Clement C. Moore came up with the idea & words to the famous poem.
We had our Christmas celebration with daddy's side of the family tonight. Lots of yummy, yummy food. And lots of gifts. Everyone was very generous. Isabel had a good time and was very well behaved. When we asked her what her favorite gift was she said it was the Dora snacks, which were something she won as part of the dice game. I don't know why we buy big & expensive presents because she is happy with simple items. But I am sure she will absolutly love the other presents once she gets to play with them and use them. She is wearing her new princess nightgown and princess socks to bed tonight.

Yesterday she got presents in the mail from her godmother Jessi. I picked up the mail when we were on our way to a playdate and she wanted to open them right away, so we sat in the car in the driveway for a while so that she could. Thanks Jessi! She loves all the items you gave her. She says the stocking she is giving to her baby dolly so that she has one for Santa to put presents in. If anyone reading this doesn't already know, her baby dolly IS part of this family if you ask her.

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