Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ice Skating

I took Isabel skating today at the Faribault Ice Arena. I don't think she really remembers skating much last year, which I think we did three time. Anyways, she had so much fun. She didn't even mind that she kept falling down. This year, I think she has the gross motor skills to be able to actually learn how to skate.
I saw that the warming house is up at the park, now we just need to find out what the house are for that so that we can go skating during the warming house hours. When we were sledding we had seen that they were putting ice down, but were not quite finished.
This winter (& probably next) I have to take advantage of any opportunity we have to go outside since we won't be able to do these things with Henry in tow.
We had a lot of fun skating and will definitly try to go to the arena a couple more times if we can.
Last year I bought her skates since we were going to the snow park in town and there is no skate rental there. They were the smallest left at the store, so I just added extra socks & crocheted slippers. They are still too big for her this year, so an extra pair of socks were necessary. It would be nice if they fit perfectly next year and we get another year's use out of them.

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