Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pictures & More Pictures

These are a collection of pictures the preschool teacher took and gave to us yesterday, so I made a little collage. They are from throughout Sept-Dec. You can tell that the one in the middle is from September (well, maybe October since we had a warm one) and she is wearing short sleeves. The group picture is her class with a 3rd grade class. One of the 3rd grade classes has adopted their class and have come in twice now (Oct & Nov). The 3rd graders make puzzles that they bring in to do with their preschool friend (Isabel's 3rd grade friend is Malory) and then they read them a story. I think it's a great thing for both classes. And the bottom 2 pictures are from the first Thursday in December (I know this because it's the only time she wore this dress there and that afternoon she met Santa #1.)
Isabel got this set with a couple fairies from godfather uncle Tony & Aunt Carol for Christmas. She loves it. Thanks!

Isabel's preschool class did a short Holiday Program on Tuesday. It was about 15 minutes long and they we were all invited for juice & cookies. It was very cute. They all wore reindeer antlers they made and sang about 6 songs (most of which I don't know.) Then the kids got to leave with the parents and the teachers gave them each a xmas gift (a book.)

This was tonight. Isabel's advent calendar said she got the "Sing Christmas Carols" today. She was kinda let down and said, "Oh (with a sad tone), we can do that tomorrow." I told her I would come up with a way to make it fun and she was the one who asked if we could go out caroling. So, I thought, why not.
She has been in love with carolers since we first saw them at Cashwise. She danced while they sang and she thought it was great and professed that when she grew up she wanted to be a caroler. Then we saw the OHS carolers twice (of course she danced for them too). And then there were carolers in the play we saw this weekend.
So, anyways, we went caroling. I told her we could go to two neighbors's houses and sing 2 songs at each (then it was time to get back for bathtime & bedtime). We brought along instruments (bells & a maraca) which I thought we would play, but turned out she made them play. After we were done singing she says "Now do I get my treat." Of all the things she learned from the play was they the carolers were invited in for cookies when they were done singing. All of our wonderful neighbors obliged and gave her treats. I have a feeling she thinks Caroling is the December equivalent of Trick-or-Treating in October.

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