Monday, February 27, 2006

Active Baby

Not a lot new to report on the baby front. She's been very active today. I don't think she has slept much today. She's been moving all over the place. She started her beatings on me around 3am. It's sure something when you wake up because the baby is moving around so much. And she's been at it all day. Maybe it's because I've been sitting alot more today listening to others rather than running around going to meetings.

A couple of weeks ago I started to figure out when she has hiccups. That's weird, feeling the hiccups that it. I would say on average that she gets hiccups about twice a day. I tried looking up information about why a fetus gets hiccups and I kept coming up with "cause is unknown", but that it doesn't harm the fetus in any way.

So, there are a couple of pictures on this blog with pictures of my pregnant belly and I've been hearing from people that they couldn't really tell. I look at the pictures I I just see this pregnant belly stick out and can't see how others are not seeing it too. The last week people have been telling me I don't look that pregnant (I'm 29 weeks now) and say it's because "You're tall and the baby has more room to spread out", "You wear a lot of dark colors so no one can really tell", or "You're not really pregnant are you." Other pregnant ladies can tell, but I think we spend so much time concentrating on our growing bellies that we notice the slightest increase. Although, personally, I think it's because I tend to dress in layers (usually a jacket or sweater jacket over my top) and that minimizes the look of your girth.

I should get another picture posted because now the baby is supposed to really start adding weight. She should be adding about a 1/2 pound a week and grow about a 1/2 inch a week. Babies grow length-wise more during the 2nd trimester and weight-wise during the 3rd trimester. So, if she's going to be gaining all this weight, then I should really start to get round.

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